Why is the book called Iranian Father?

In Iranian culture, fathers are known to provide indispensable advice to their children. While not always followed, these words of wisdom can be valued by anyone.

The brand “Iranian Father” has been live since 2010 and we have been selling products worldwide under this popular brand. We have also posted over 14,000 popular quotes and posts on:


Who are you?

My name is Yashar Zhalehdoust.


What’s the book about?

It’s a collection of thought provoking words of wisdom along with creative and funny illustrations! See sample pages.


Where can I purchase the book?

The book is available on Amazon in the US, UK, France, Spain, Germany, Brazil and Italy and several bookstores. (Search “Iranian Father” on Amazon or Click Here)

We have also published several thousand copies in Iran and have distributed them through several bookstores as follows:

  1. HyperStar (Tehran, Bakeri St)
  2. HyperMe (Tehran, Ekbatan)
  3. Everest Modern (Tabriz)
  4. Bashgah Enghelab Book Store (Tehran, Se’ool)
  5. Bayan Salis Institue (Tehran, Mahmoudiye)
  6. … more coming soon